Importance of Facial Esthetics


The Business Name office offers their local patients Facial Esthetics in Geneva, IL. Periodontics focuses on the surrounding oral tissues that support the teeth and the many disorders and diseases that are related to those areas. There are four types of oral tissues surrounding the gums such as Gingiva which are the gums, Cementum which covers the root of the tooth, and the tissues surrounding the bone and ligaments of the Alveolac. The periodontist will create a smile design which esthetically changes the patient’s shape, color, size and the overall alignment of their teeth. The dental and facial tissues will be altered and enhances the patient’s appearance.

Facial Esthetics dentistry focuses on various types of dental procedures including:

Dental Implants – is a faux tooth root that is used to replace a tooth root that was damaged or lost to disease or an accident. The dental implants are used to support partials, dentures, crowns, and bridges. These implant look and feel like they are natural teeth. A few of the primary benefits of using dental implants is that they are fixed permanently and the teeth are attached. The dental patient’s teeth will look like natural teeth giving them the beautiful smile they have always desired for their mouth. They will no longer feel embarrassed by the look of false or missing teeth. Also the dental implant encourages positive bone growth and will help the patient to maintain a youthful facial look. The patient would need to be sedated during the procedure and have the willpower to sit through the entire treatment procedure. Additional advantages of dental implant treatments are the patient’s jaw bone is saved from empty spaces. Empty space located within the jaw bone may cause damage to the patient’s jaw bone.

Crowns – this is an artificial denture or tooth that is then attached to the false tooth root. The teeth feels and looks exactly like real teeth.

Abutment – this is the metal piece that brings together the dental implants and crown which can protrude a tad above the jaw bone.

Consulting with a dentist on the best dental esthetic treatment first and examinations will be taken before any procedures will be started.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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