Hurt in a Bicycling Accident? Call an Injury Lawyer in Park Ridge


Bicycling is a good form of exercise and an economical way to commute to work. Bike riders are expected to ride with the traffic and observe the rules of the road. Generally, they ride to the right and allow faster cars to easily pass them. If they are going to be riding at dusk or in the dark, it’s a good idea to wear reflective clothing and have reflectors on the bike. Making it easier for drivers to see them keep them safe. However, if a driver isn’t paying attention, they still may get hit. If that happens they should call an Injury Lawyer Park Ridge.

Bike riding injuries can be devastating because the bicyclist has much less protection than a motorist. If the driver was texting or reading directions on a map, they were being negligent. The bike rider can file a claim for damages to recover the cost of medical bills and lost income related to the accident. He can also obtain compensation for emotional trauma and pain and suffering. An Injury Lawyer Park Ridge will make this process much easier on the injured bicyclist. The claim must be filed with the motorist’s insurance company, and there are strict deadlines to meet.

The injured bicyclist may spend many months in the hospital or rehabilitation center. During that time, the Injury Lawyer Park Ridge can oversee the claim process. He can speak with doctors and physical therapists to determine the cost of treatment. He can also evaluate the lost income and put a value on the pain and suffering the bicyclist has and will endure. Once the claim is submitted, the insurance company will have many questions. They may make a lower counter offer. The lawyer can explain to the bicyclist what a typical settlement for their injury has been in the past. This helps them decide to accept it or not.

An injured person with no income may think they can’t afford an attorney. They should speak with a lawyer from Therman Law Offices Park Ridge, who will explain how they take cases such as these on a contingency basis. Legal fees are paid out of any settlement the lawyer wins for the client. Browse website for more information.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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