How to Win Child Custody Northern Virginia After A Divorce


A divorce is often considered to be the most difficult time in a person’s life. One of the biggest questions that many people face is: who will be responsible for their children? Finding a Child Custody Northern Virginia attorney is the first step in settling any questions of child custody.

Child Custody in Northern Virginia is always a difficult question. The first requirement that the courts will want to see is that you are a person of integrity if you are claiming custody of the child. Courts always prefer to give custody to biological parents, so this will also be in your benefit if you are the biological parent of the child. However, other circumstances may prevent this and you might not get custody of the children.

Also, the court wants to see that the person receiving child custody is financially stable. It costs a lot of money to raise children in the modern economy, and a child custody case is no exception. Also required is a permanent residence – a place to call home. Going through the divorce proceedings and proving that you are able to take care of children is a huge challenge for the court system to deal with. It is also best to take the child’s interest in mind and make the right decision which will benefit the child in the long run.

Being an involved parent is the best way to win child custody. Combine that with a sense of stability, the judge is more likely to award custody to a parent that can prove they will be there for the child and take an active part in the child’s life. If you are facing uncertainties with regard to child custody, be sure to contact a child custody attorney today.

Goldenberg & Phillips P.C. is an experienced child protection law firm. They have plenty of years working with child custody cases where the essential decisions with regard to a child’s life are made. Child custody is a heart wrenching situation for everyone, but it is crucial to not allow emotions to interfere with the case. That is why the law firm is able to make sure that the case is settled in a fair manner.




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