How to Take Control of Epilepsy and Find Hope After Diagnosis


How to Take Control of Epilepsy and Find Hope After Diagnosis Epilepsy is a condition that affects your brain. You are more prone to have recurring, unprovoked seizures. The first hurdle is finding out more about your situation and treatment for epilepsy in New Jersey.

Schedule an Appointment with a Specialist

If your doctor thinks you have epilepsy, he will send you to a neurologist in Edison, NJ. It would help if you described your symptoms. If possible, bring along a family member who has seen your seizures. Your neurologist in Edison, NJ will base their diagnosis on your detailed account of your seizures.

Prepare to Go Through Testing

Your neurologist in New Jersey will ask you to take part in further testing. These tests may include a brain scan, an EEG, and blood tests. They help your neurologist in New Jersey determine if you have epilepsy. If you do have it, the tests can work out the type and the reason for your epilepsy.

Control Your Seizures

Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) are the primary treatment for epilepsy in New Jersey. It does not cure your condition but reduces your number of seizures. There are also different types of medications for epilepsy treatment in NJ. Your doctor will recommend an epilepsy treatment in NJ based on your age, the type of seizures you have, and your sex.

There is no cure for epilepsy, but there are treatments to control your symptoms. These treatments may include diet therapy, neuromodulation therapy, surgery, and medical cannabis. Contact Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures: Amor Mehta MD (Neurology + Epileptology) at their website to request an appointment today.

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