How To Select The Best Titanium Tubing


Titanium is considered to be the premier material for use in many different applications. Titanium tubing or parts can be found in everything from lightweight and strong sports equipment through to plants producing oil and gas and even in construction of space equipment and airplanes.

However, the use of titanium is much wider than many people realize. Titanium, which is the ninth most common element found in the earth, is one of the most essential materials in all types of manufacturing today. It is found in most engines, virtually all parts of the aerospace industry as well as in processing plants and even in medical applications.

Why Titanium Tubing?

Titanium has several features or attributes that make it ideal for so many uses. It is lightweight and highly workable while still being very strong and resistant. It is considered to have a low corrosion and erosion factor because of a natural oxide film that forms on the exterior of the surface.

Titanium is also cost effective to use. It is not as expensive as many of the alloys and, because it is so durable, it has a much longer productively life. This adds to the value of using this particular option over other alloys that have a significantly shorter life due to corrosion or stress damage.

The lighter weight of titanium tubing is an obvious benefit to any type of aerospace, automotive or processing type of application. Lighter weight means higher efficiency and, when combined with durability, it is really the only option.

Grades of Titanium Tubing

Titanium tubing, as with many types of tubing, comes in a variety of grades. These grades are used to determine which types of applications are appropriate for a specific grade of titanium. Tubing used for pressurized applications are approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and must meet very specific criteria.

The most commonly used grade of titanium tubing Grade 2. As a general guideline the higher the grade number the greater the corrosion resistance and strength. Titanium can be pure or it can be in alloy form, both are good options depending on the specific requirements.

Titanium tubing is a standby for most applications in a range of different industries. Since it is so practical to use, easy to weld and form and so resistant it is product that is definitely here to stay.


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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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