How to Select Professional Parking Garage Consultants From Chicago

by | May 27, 2022 | Parking

Parking Garage Consultants

Today’s parking garage consultants specialize in turning around unprofitable garages. Since most garages no longer generate a profit, their services are incredibly valuable. In addition, they have performed consistently across numerous metrics, adding value to many.

Transaction Support

In the US, institutional investors rely on transaction support before making decisions. As a result, these financial models are crucial, particularly when adding new garages. If you are unsure of a lot’s potential cash flow, double-check the math using their help. They perform diligent cash flow modeling, providing deep insight into potential revenue. By the end, they will provide you with a ten-year projection of future cash flow yields.

Value Maximization

A value adds assessment can help you to identify opportunities and avoid errors. At first, this firm focuses on organizing, collecting, and validating performance metrics. Then, they benchmark the analyzed data, measuring its financial performance. Once they have finished, they can generate detailed reports that inform decisions.

Asset Management

Since opening its doors, this insightful parking firm has managed more than $2.5 billion. Rigorously evaluating property portfolios is second nature for them at this point. Likewise, they can help your business drive cash flow, generating additional profit. Moreover, they can help with budgeting and historical performance measurements.

Vendor Selection

Whether you need a new parking operator or RFPs, this firm understands the need. Since they use national benchmarks to set fees, they can maximize profit per area.

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