How to Select an Attorney to Cover Any of Your Needs

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Lawyers

Now in most cases, especially in cases of personal injury, there are no upfront costs involved with hiring a lawyer. They will actually offer free consultation to hear the case without any costs up front. After they hear the case, they will then make a determination if there is a case to be made. If there is a case to be made, they will then proceed with filing the case and offer legal representation for the victim. Once a settlement is reached the lawyer will then receive compensation for their hard work in reaching the settlement.


Now most people think that if an attorney Albuquerque NM does not charge anything upfront for their legal representation that the person does not need to be concerned whatsoever with the process of selecting their legal representation. This is a huge mistake. A person should do their due diligence in selecting their representation regardless of the situation. By not doing so, a person can actually miss out on a lot in compensation or worse yet they might even be denied a settlement.

Right to Practice

The first thing that a person should check for when selecting an attorney in Albuquerque NM is whether or not they are licensed to practice law in the state of New Mexico. Each attorney must be licensed for each state in which they wish to practice. This can be easily found out by checking with the American Bar Association or with the State Bar of New Mexico. There is actually a member search directory which lists all of the licensed lawyers in the state of New Mexico. A search can even be done to show the areas of New Mexico in which each lawyer practices.

The next thing that any person should do when considering a lawyer is to check out their past track record. Much of this information can be found in either court documents and rulings or through past clients. Now there is not anywhere to specifically search the number of cases that a layer won or lost. This is actually pretty subjective and completely depends on the case and situation. It can, however, give a person a glimpse of what they might be able to expect, especially if there is a similar case that the lawyer has already taken on in the past.

By far the best way to choose an attorney in Albuquerque is to just talk to the lawyer. A lot of information can be gathered in just talking to the lawyer. If the lawyer shows sincerity and a willingness to do everything within their power to help, then they will most likely be a great fit and one that is truly worth considering for representation.


A lot of information can be gathered in just talking to the lawyer. Visit

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