How to Properly Microdose THC Using Gummies in Benton Harbor, MI

by | Mar 6, 2024 | CBD Products

Are you interested in trying gummies, but you’re unsure of how it will affect you? Consider starting with microdose gummies. Microdosing refers to the process of exposing your body to a small amount of a particular substance, such as THC. Learn more about how to properly microdose with THC-infused gummies.

What are THC-Infused Gummies?

THC-infused microdose gummies are gelatinous treats with small amounts of THC in them. You will be able to see the exact dosage of THC in each gummy on the packaging, making it easy to monitor consumption. Eating the gummies allows you to enjoy THC without the unhealthy and unpleasant smoke. Many of the gummies also taste great!

THC can contribute to the treatment of several conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and glaucoma.

How to Properly Microdose with THC Gummies

Microdosing is a great way for people new to medical marijuana to dip their toes into the benefits of THC products.

Start by buying low-dose gummies (5 mg or 10 mg) from your local dispensary. When you are ready to unwind for the night, try one or one-half of your gummies. You may not consume enough to feel much of an impact, but the THC will still affect your cells at the molecular level. If you feel comfortable, you can gradually increase your nightly dosage until you feel comfortable. As you increase your dosage, be mindful that THC will eventually produce an intoxicating effect. Don’t drive after eating a gummy, even when microdosing. Always enjoy THC products safely!

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