How to Plan for Burial Services in Monroe MI


Planning services for a lost loved one can be overwhelming and stressful, but burial services provide closure and a moment to say goodbye. Several different practices can be parts of a burial service, such as a short sermon, a song, loved ones speaking about fond memories and the scattering of soil or flowers on the grave of the deceased. This article will touch on how to plan a service with minimal stress and the highest level of respect for the deceased.

When the sad time comes to plan burial services, a family can search for Burial Services in Monroe MI. Considering the following factors during planning can allow attendees to feel connected to the deceased, and ensure needs are being met without additional pressure on the family.

Where to Have the Service

While some people already have a setting in mind, such as a family church or location important to the departed loved one, many opt for a funeral home. Funeral homes can provide everything from casket solutions to floral arrangements in one place, such as website. This can make the planning process simpler while still allowing for personalized touches and customization. Some funeral homes even provide grief support, in case the planning process is making healing difficult.

Who should speak?

There is no right answer here and it can largely depend both on the deceased and the guest list. Was the loved one a member of a church or faith they would want to be involved with the service? Would a talented friend like to sing a song that was special to them both? Do people want to come up to a podium or microphone and share a specific story? Keep in mind that any speakers extend the length of the service, and it is important to have a goal length in mind. Alternately, a reception after the service can give friends and family a chance to exchange stories more conversationally. Ask the venue what services most people provide, and then select those which best represent what the departed would have enjoyed.

Some Final Thoughts…

When planning Burial Services in Monroe MI, what matters are the feelings of those in attendance. They want the chance to remember someone they love and say goodbye. If this opportunity is presented, the planning has gone well. Try to represent your loved one in a way they would appreciate, and remember them fondly.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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