How to Increase Sales With Dispensary Text Message Marketing

by | Apr 1, 2024 | CBD Products

When you manage or own a dispensary, you need to establish a connection with your customers to encourage repeat sales. There are several ways to connect with your customers. each with unique advantages. Learn how to increase sales with dispensary text message marketing.

Tips for Effective Text Message Marketing for Your Dispensary

Ask All Customers to Participate

Your dispensary text message marketing campaign won’t reach people if you don’t develop your contact list. Ask every customer who enters your dispensary to sign up for the text messages by offering a discount for signing up. You can also encourage people to sign up on your website and on social media.

Limit Message Frequency

Text message marketing can be highly effective since it reaches people directly. People will see the messages more than with an email marketing campaign where the messages can end up in the “spam” or “promotions” folder.

Since you are reaching people directly, you want to be mindful about how often you reach out to them. Limit messages to one or two messages a week to prevent people from unsubscribing. People don’t appreciate getting an influx of spam texts.

Include Value Into Your Text Messages

The text messages you send need to offer value to the customer. It’s a good idea to include exclusive promotions in these text messages to ensure that the recipients want to receive them. Without including value in your text messages, people may be quick to unsubscribe.

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