How to Identify Asbestos in Your Home?


First off, never go off inspecting asbestos in or around a home. If anyone has not contacted an asbestos inspector beforehand, contact an inspector and set up an appointment immediately. Asbestos is a fine fiber that can only be recognized under a microscope lens and if an individual does not know what they are doing, could easily inhale this potentially deadly substance. Although if the current living space was built before the 1990’s, there is a good indication that some form of sealing compound was used for either the ceiling, floor, or sheetrock joints. Within that sealing compound is a mixture of asbestos chemicals.

Notice Any Flaking or Crumbling from the Ceiling?

Everyone has seen a popcorn ceiling, these ceiling tend to be a giveaway towards an asbestos used sealant. Although, not every popcorn ceiling has been coated in the same fashion, ceiling that reveal a crumbling or flaking manner do contain asbestos. This is when asbestos is the most dangerous. Because of the flaking, or crumbling this is allowing the fibers to break within the asbestos exposing miniscule groups of asbestos to float around. Unfortunately, asbestos can be airborne for several days before settling.

What Precaution Should Be Taken?

Finding friends, or family to stay with until an asbestos inspector from Newport Beach, CA can make a visit to walk through the home. Receiving a seal of approval, or a notice that asbestos is currently residing in the home is essential. Without a noted approval from an inspector, a family could continue to go on living in an environment deemed toxic. Just like black mold which can go undetected until health issues start to raise a concern, asbestos can do the same. After an inspector is called, necessary measures will be taken to extract the asbestos from the home. The extraction of asbestos can take up anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the severity. For more information visit Home Front Inspect.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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