How to fix cracked car windscreens

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The roads can be a hazardous place for motorists. Loose rocks flying under car wheels on dirt tracks could easily fly up and hit the windscreen. Just one chip is all it takes to obscure a driver’s vision, causing him to be a danger to himself and to everyone else on the road.

This is why it’s important to get your windscreen fixed straight away, even if you’re in Peterborough. If you need a windscreen in Peterborough, there are plenty of garages around. But you can also fix a windscreen yourself with a windscreen repair kit. Here’s how:

Clean and prepare the surface

The first thing you need to do when repairing a cracked windscreen is to clean the area. Get every bit of loose glass out of the crack and the surrounding area. Use a razor if you have to. Scrape away at the crack and get it nice and clean. You can use a wet cloth if you want to, but make sure the area is fully dry before going onto the next step.

Use a suction cup tool

Once the crack is clean and prepared, get a suction cup and put it directly over the chipped area. Make sure the four suction cups are firmly in place and the eye of the hole is directly over the crack. Now you must thread the repair tube through the hole and screw it tightly. A repair place for windscreens in Peterborough should have a suction tool if you don’t have one.

Make sure the repair tube is carefully positioned over the crack. Go inside your car and look through the windscreen to double check. The end of the tube, made of rubber, should be touching the chip on your windscreen. If it’s not, then re-align it so that it is.

Add the super juice

With everything in place, add the super juice to the end of the repair tube and pour about two drops of the resin into the tube. But as soon as the resin has gone down the tube, push in the plunger and clamp it down so that it pushes the resin over the crack. Keep tightening the plunger until you can’t tighten it anymore, then loosen it a little to allow air bubbles to escape and then tighten it again. Don’t forget to do this bit because air bubbles can completely spoil a good repair job.

Allow the resin to set

Make sure the resin has full penetrated the crack. Keep the plunger pressed in for a minute or two minutes before removing the suction cup too. As soon as this is done, immediately place the finishing film over the crack, while the resin is still moist. At this point, you can use the razor blade again to make sure the resin is spread out thin and even.

Now wait at least 10 minutes to let everything dry completely before removing the film. The last thing you want is to mess everything up right at the end by pulling the film off too early. If this does happen, then just clean out the crack as before and start again. Otherwise, pull the film off when dry and admire your handy-work.

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