How to Choose the Right Color Table Linens for a Wedding or Party

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Shopping

Your table linens are one of the most important parts of pulling your overall reception or party together. Your decorations can be as grand as you like, but without good-looking tablecloths, your party won’t look cohesive. But how do you choose the right linens colors and styles for the vibe you’re going for? Should you choose linen tablecloths or another material? Here are a few tips to consider before decorating:

Start with What You Know

It can be easy to become overwhelmed when linen shopping, especially if you know very little about event linens. Start with the things you do know. How many tables are there? What are the shapes and measurements of those tables? What theme or color scheme are you going with? This will help you get your thoughts in order, so you can move forward.

Understated or Bold?

Choosing the color of your linen tablecloths will be based largely on the following: do you want the simple, understated elegance of neutral linens, or would you prefer something more grandiose? Many brides prefer white or cream-colored linens for their special day. Party throwers may want something on-theme or more decorative. Still others want dark, bold linens to underscore the visual drama they are trying to create with décor. Whatever you’re looking for, let it carry over into your linens.

Bring Everyone into the Mix

While your other wedding vendors may not be able to supply linens, they may have opinions on what you choose. If your florist believes something would look particularly nice, let them voice that opinion. Your caterer thinks their spread would be best offset by something dark? Take that into consideration when planning. If you’re still not sure, let your vendors sit down together with you if possible and have your party supply retailer or rental provider listen to their suggestions and offer solutions to meet them.

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