How to Choose the Best Dog Boarding Services in Clifton, VA


Although many dog owners wish they could take their dogs everywhere, sometimes they need to find places for their dogs to stay while they’re away. For dog owners who’ve never boarded their dogs before, searching for dog boarding services in Clifton, VA, can seem overwhelming. Pet owners don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Fortunately, dog owners have these helpful tips to help them make the best choice.

Kennel Options

Boarding services offer many kennel options from individual rooms to proper-sized crates. Most pet owners prefer to board their pets at places that offer private indoor kenneling. Avoid outdoor kenneling as much as possible.


Pet owners don’t want their pets to lay around all day. They need exercise and fresh air. Top-rate boarding services walk dogs at least three times a day and also have enclosed yards for dogs to run around in.

Trained Staff

Boarding facilities should always have trained staff onsite. These individuals know how to administer medicine, calm anxious pups, and keep dogs with clashing personalities away from each other. Having a veterinarian on staff is also a huge benefit in case of illness or injury.


Pet owners want to make sure their dogs are having fun and doing well. Exceptional boarding services have cameras installed and software that allows pet parents to check in on their dog any time they want.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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