How To Choose Healthy Plants From a Garden Center in St Petersburg, FL


Whether you want to start a home vegetable garden, increase your flower variety, or introduce new plants to your landscape, a garden center is one of the best places to look.

When selecting plants from a garden center in St Petersburg, FL, consider the quality because that determines their health and survival rates once you transfer them into your garden. You can do different things to ensure you only purchase healthy plans.

Consider The Organization

While plant organization in the garden center helps mainly with aesthetics, it also plays a massive role in determining how well the plants hold up.

Well-organized plants will have enough space to grow without competing for air or light with others. It also means they don’t have broken or damaged leaves and stems.

Consider What The Planting Materials

Ask what the garden center uses to plant and care for the plants. That includes soil/potting mix, fertilizers, and pesticides. It helps you determine whether they fit your preferences in terms of environmental friendliness and enables you to understand how to care for the plants at home.

Check The Foliage, Stem, And Roots

These are the first dictators of a healthy or unhealthy plant. The leaves should be robust and have the correct color depending on their species and maturity stage. They should also be full with no wilting, discoloration, mottling, or yellowing, which could indicate a disease or lack of nutrients, water, or sunlight.

The stem should be robust enough to support the plants without looking stretched or having soft spots and wounds. Finally, check for white roots and ensure they reach the pot’s sides and bottom.

Check For Bugs

Bugs affect your plant’s health and could spread to others once you add them to your garden. Check under the leaves for bug clusters. You should also check for leaf mottling, stunted growth, sticky leaves, webbing, or sooty mold.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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