How to Choose Brake Pads in Brockton?

by | Mar 26, 2012 | Automotive

Brake pads play an important role when it comes to increasing the maneuverability of your car. Hence, it becomes equally important to service them well. If you are searching for brake pads in Brockton, then you may read below to find which features define quality of brake pads. You may be aware that brake pads suffer lot of friction while in action. Their primary role is to keep your car in control and reduce the speed when you want to. Moreover, friction plays a major role, as it is the friction between disc and pad, which eventually lowers the speed of car. If you have sports car or a car with powerful engine, then you may have enough reasons on why you need to invest in high quality brake pads.

Frictional Heat:

Cars that have high acceleration rates tend to pick up speed very fast. Moreover, sport cars run at great speeds and hence, you require good brake pads to bear the amount of frictional heat that gets generated on applying brakes. On braking, friction between the brake pads and tire disc gets soared up in the form of heat. In case you choose low quality brake pads, then they may last lesser in comparison to high quality pads. In addition, they show less durability over long-term use and you may eventually go for early replacement. Moreover, the heat caused during friction induces degradation of material of brake pad. Hence, with time, brake pads degrade, but their duration of performance strictly relies on the quality of the make.

Abrasive Resistance Strength:

High quality brake pads have high abrasive resistance strength. That is, they fight abrasive materials well. The brake system is assembled in tires, which are constantly being bombarded with millions of dust particles while on the move. You may be aware that silica or dust particle is a highly abrasive material. It can cause scratches over surfaces such as glass, metal, polymers, rubbers and ceramics. Similarly, it can affect brake pads too, as they are constantly being subjected to friction. Hence, good brake pads need to have high abrasion resistant strength so as to resist abrasive attacks from silica or dust.

FMSI Friction Coding:

To help people find out the quality of brake pads, the country follows a standard coding system, which many people are unaware of. As per the rule, depending on strength and performance of brake pads, they are classified into grade between E to H. As a general rule, the brake pads with highest alphabetic letter that is H are considered as high quality brake pads. Moreover, the letters are present in code forms such as EE, HH, FE or FG and so on. The first letter signifies about the performance grade of brake pad when it is cold or simply not functioning. Similarly, the other letter signifies about the performance of brakes when they are hot or functioning.

Ceramic Brakes:

Ceramics respond well to heat and abrasion and hence, they are considered as strong contenders for high quality brake pads. In addition, they are lighter in weight as well. However, they are comparatively brittle in comparison to metallic counterparts. Hence, ceramic pads may not respond to impacts as well as metallic parts. However, in normal condition of driving, they have a considerably high service lifetime. Besides, you can find plenty of ceramic brake pads in Brockton.


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