How to Buy Bitcoin in Kansas City, KS for the First Time from an ATM


Every day more people buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. First-timers often see a Bitcoin ATM and are curious. One question they have is about safety buying from an ATM? Keep reading to why it’s a safe option to buy Bitcoin in Kansas City, KS, from an ATM machine.

All Transactions Are Private

Worried about giving out too much financial information when using a Bitcoin ATM? Don’t be. ATM Bitcoin transactions take cash and don’t require any more information than a phone number. There’s no need for a debit card or bank account to use a Bitcoin ATM.

The first time one buys Bitcoin from an ATM they will press the “Buy Bitcoin” option and follow the prompts to enter their phone number. First-time visitors to the ATM will immediately receive a verification code texted to their phone that they need to proceed with setting up a private PIN.

At this point, the ATM will ask for the user’s name and address. Most ATMs can scan scannable IDs. If this isn’t an option, follow the onscreen prompts.

The next step is to tell the ATM where the Bitcoin purchase should be sent. One usually has three options: a digital wallet, a paper wallet, or sent to a physical address. Sending the purchase to a digital wallet is the quickest and most secure. If one doesn’t have their digital wallet set up, they can choose the paper wallet transaction and download it to the digital wallet at a later time.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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