How to Avoid Needing HVAC Service St Paul MN

by | May 30, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating

In the heat of the summer the last thing you want to hear is the squeaky sound of your air conditioning unit’s air compressor dying a slow and painful death. Most people don’t think about their air conditioning unit as long as it is keeping their home cool and comfortable. When it stops working and they need to call in someone for HVAC Service St Paul MN, then they think about their air conditioner and wonder what they could have done to prevent the situation.

One of the best things you can do to prevent future issues is to regularly change your air filter. HVAC Service technicians claim that this simple act can allow better air flow to your air handler. Changing the air filter is not hard. Most people have trouble remembering when to change it or they don’t know how often it needs done. The simple answer is to change the air filter when it is dirty. Depending on the number of people in your home, the number of pets and the area that you live in, you may need to change your filter more or less often.

For instance, a person with mild to moderate allergies may need their filter changed once a month. Someone with severe allergies may need it changed more frequently. The air filter in a vacation home that is only used 3 months a year may need a new air filter once a year. Homes that have pets will probably need air filters changed on a regular basis because of the pet hair and dander that will accumulate in the filter. Industry standards suggest that vacation homes or a home with one person and no pets should change their filter every 6-12 months. The typical home without pets should change it every 90 days. Homes with pets should change the filter every 60 days. And a home with more than one pet or a person with allergies should be every 30 days.

Keeping a regular schedule for changing your filter will avoid the number one cause for trouble with air conditioning units. Changing the filter will not guarantee that you won’t have issues but it should keep your unit in a healthier operating state. And it will improve your air quality as well. Contact us to schedule your HVAC Service today.

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