How The Surrogacy California Process Is Performed


Surrogacy California consists of creating a legal agreement for a woman to carry the baby for another individual or family. Through this process, the baby is the biological child of both parents but does not share a genetic bond with the woman who carries it. Women who are unable to carry a child due to surgery or complication hire a surrogate mother for this purpose.

How Is the Process Conducted?

In a clinic, a doctor performs artificial insemination using a sperm and egg sample from the parents. Through this process, the generated embryo is implanted into the surrogate mother. Examinations are performed to ensure that the implantation of the embryo is successful.

How Does Surrogacy Work?

The couple or individual, who hired the surrogate mother, pay for all medical costs associated with the pregnancy. This includes check-ups, tests, and delivery. They additionally pay for postpartum medical costs up to six weeks after the delivery. After the delivery, the parent or parents complete the birth certificate and other documents required to conclude the process.

How Are Surrogates Matched With Parents?

A surrogacy agency performs all services related to matching surrogates with parents. The process allows prospective parents to read files gathered for all potential surrogate mothers. These files consist of a complete description of the surrogate to include family medical history. The prospective parents review the files to make selections.

The agency allows the prospective parents to conduct interviews with the selected surrogates. They are allowed to ask any questions they wish to ask of the surrogate mothers. Once the parents conclude the interview process, they make a final selection, and an agreement is produced and signed. The agreement protects the rights of the parents throughout the process. Measures are taken to ensure the health and well-being of the surrogate and the embryo.


In the event that the surrogate is unable to carry the embryo to term due to complications the agency contacts the parents. In these cases, it is possible to try again with another selected surrogate of the parents’ choice. The insemination process is completed again at a later time and a doctor confirms the success of the implantation.


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