How Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Maui Homes Save Money and the Earth

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Business

Hawaiian residents are learning that they can reduce pollution and their utility costs in one step. When they install Solar Photovoltaic Systems Maui homeowners use the sun’s energy instead of burning fossil fuel. The cost of converting to solar energy has decreased over the years, and systems installed by experienced professionals, such as The Sonshine Solar Corp. provide advantages that include:

* CUSTOM HEATING SOLUTIONS: Before professionals install Solar Photovoltaic Systems Maui technicians evaluate homeowners energy needs. They can estimate annual energy usage, and install the right number of panels to produce the needed power. Professionals will also design and install solar hot water solutions. These include an aesthetically pleasing water collector, and copper, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel pipes and fittings. Heating and hot water systems are created to be attractive and provide maximum energy with minimal heat loss. Technicians explain their process to customers, work neatly, and clean up when the job is complete.

* SAVINGS: Professionals will show customers how to save up to 90% on their electric heating costs, and 50% or more on hot water utility expenses. The cost of solar panels and installation has decreased over time, making it affordable for more homeowners to convert from conventional energy sources. In addition, customers can recoup installation costs when they qualify for programs such as the Hawaii Energy Efficient Program (HEEP). Technicians can also show them how to take advantage of Federal energy tax credits. Hawaii’s state income tax credit could also entitle them to a rebate of up to 35% of the installation costs for photovoltaic systems.

* GREEN SOLUTIONS: Many Hawaiin’s are switching to solar energy in order to conserve energy and reduce their consumption of fossil fuels. This is because an average family of four using conventional heating methods can produce eight tons of carbon dioxide annually. That is nearly twice the amount a car produces. Solar power is clean, sustainable energy that has little impact on the environment.

Solar energy is allowing Hawaii’s residents to reduce energy costs and keep the earth green and healthy. When they hire professionals to install solar heating and hot water systems, they also reduce their energy costs and qualify for substantial energy credits.

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