How Car Theft Will Affect Car Insurance Rates


If you ever have your car stolen, it is likely to be a very frustrating and emotionally trying experience. In these situations you will be faced with unanswered questions and the pressure of recovering the vehicle. The following are a few facts and tips you should know about car theft, in addition to how it can affect your insurance coverage and rates.

Before Buying a Car
There are certain factors to consider before buying a car that can help you keep your insurance rates low. Certain cars such as the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry have a much higher chance of being stolen. This increased chance of theft will cost you more money on car insurance. Also, if your area has a higher rate of car thefts, you will be charged more for auto insurance. You should consider buying a car with a low rate of theft if you want to save money on your insurance. By consulting Insurance Agents in Portland, OR, you can get a detailed breakdown of the danger of thefts in your area.

When selecting a policy, you should opt for comprehensive insurance that will cover the whole car. This will help ease the pain of your car being stolen, because you will know that you will be compensated if a theft does occur. You should note that the insurance company will only give you the depreciated amount for your car, not the replacement cost. This will significantly change the amount of money you will receive after a theft. Be sure to consult your Insurance Agents in Portland, OR, to tailor make a policy that fits your needs.

By installing anti-theft devices in your vehicle, you not only have safeguards in place to prevent the theft, put you will also lower your insurance premium. Many states require insurance companies to give drivers discounts when they install any anti-theft devices to their vehicle. Devices such as alarm system or wheel locks can save you more money on insurance premiums while also protecting your car from theft. You can find many of these safe guards at your local auto parts retail store.

While you may think that a car theft will never happen to you, the truth is you never know. Ensuring you are protected and prepared with proper insurance can make a world of difference. If you have any other questions, contact Kendra Beebe for more information. Browse website for more details.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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