How About Changing the Size of Your Kitchen Cabinets?


One question that is asked more often than most homeowners would think is can I have different size cabinets in the kitchen? The answer is almost always: yes, you can, especially when you get custom cabinets in Kennett Square. However, the real question that should be asked is, do you really require different size cabinets?

The first thing you need to do is to visualize what your kitchen would look like with different sized cabinets, and then hire a custom cabinet designer to determine if the venture is feasible. Once the designer gives you an idea of what your kitchen will look like you can see for sure if it looks awkward, or if the project will look great.

Sometimes soffits and structural beams limit the options. However, modern custom cabinet designers and installers do have options in these situations that you might not have considered. Custom cabinets in Kennett Square can be anything you want them to be.

For example, joists can be trimmed flush with a new beam, and the existing beam can be removed. It sounds daunting, but it really is doable and it’s not as expensive as you might think. This frees up valuable space near the ceiling. Now you can install larger cabinets and enjoy more storage.

If you had thoughts about using existing cabinets in your new space, you should rethink that strategy. Visualize for a moment how great new cabinets would look in the kitchen, especially now that you can go with larger cabinets. Obviously if it’s cost that is holding you back, perhaps the old cabinets will do. However, you shouldn’t be shy about considering custom cabinets in Kennett Square.

Keep in mind that hanging racks can be of great use as well, if you don’t think cabinets will look right in your new space. For example, Tuscan style kitchens inspire a storage method that employs having storage jars right in the open. What you end up with is really determined by what will work and look best in the space you have. Many kitchens look great with different sized cabinetry, others don’t.

In the end, many folks want to know if it’s possible to install different sized kitchen cabinets in an existing kitchen. The answer is yes, you certainly can, when you get custom cabinets in Kennett Square. It is important to work with a custom cabinet designer to determine how different sized cabinets would look. If you are worried about a soffit you have in your kitchen, there are modification options that can be employed to give you the extra space you seek. Now you can install those large cabinets and gain the extra kitchen space you need.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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