How a Barrier Kit Helps Prevent Needlestick Injuries

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Suture Needle

One of the most critical health and safety issues in medical settings is using and disposing of sharps. Many nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals sustain needlestick injuries multiple times during their careers. Health care professionals can take steps to prevent sharp injuries, and a barrier kit can be helpful.

Preventing Needlestick Injuries

Some best practices can help reduce the number of needlestick injuries in medical facilities. There are guidelines from the CDC and other agencies for protecting staff from needlestick injuries. Facilities need an adequate disposal system. Following general safety rules like recapping needles safely prevent sharp sticks as well.

Sharp Disposal Protocol

A system for safe disposal of used needles and sharps is crucial to prevent injuries. Most facilities use disposal containers and place them strategically, such as in every room where patient care occurs. Sharp containers must be removed and emptied when they are about three-fourths full.

Prevent Sticks with a Barrier Kit

A barrier kit includes large and small needle traps, so there is no exposure to the sharp after it is used. A forearm barrier kit fits the wrist and houses suture needles to reduce drops and closure times. Needle traps provide a safe place for used needles to ensure medical workers aren’t exposed to used sharps during the suturing process.

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