House Too Hot? Call One of the Air Conditioning Companies in Moore, OK

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating

Summer temperatures can easily reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Oklahoma. That’s why smart residents make sure that a technician from one of the Air Conditioning Companies Moore OK comes out to service the system before the summer heatwave arrives. They check the air conditioning motor, belts, coils and make sure that it has enough refrigerant in it to keep the entire house cool. They also check the air ducts to make sure that they don’t have any leaks. If the homeowner always notices that a room won’t cool down, then it might be that the air duct leading to it is leaking.

When an air conditioning system is maintained each year it will last longer. There is also less chance that it will break down when it is needed most. Many Air Conditioning Companies Moore OK now offer service plans. Customers pay a fee that will entitle them to between two and four scheduled maintenance visits. This allows the technician to make sure that the air filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Homeowners who are sensitive to pollen and other allergens will find that they breathe more easily with cleaner air filters. It’s also important that the air ducts be sanitized on a regular basis. These dark and enclosed spaces can harbor all sorts of dangerous bacteria.

The service plan also gives the customer priority on the appointment lists. Older people have a harder time regulating their body temperatures in the heat, so this is an important option for them. It’s also important to know how many technicians are available in an emergency. If a lot of people sign up for a service plan and there are only one or two technicians, that can mean it could still be a long wait for help to arrive. Air conditioning companies, such as TS Heat & Air, should send out their repairmen with completely stocked vans. They should take note of the brands and models used by their customers and have the parts in the van to replace them. Waiting for a part to arrive from the distributor can add hours to the length of the repair.

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