Homeowner Tips: How to Prepare for Heater Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Heating & Cooling

A new heating system can lower your utility costs and keep your household more comfortable. If your furnace is over 15 years old, needs constant repairing, and uses a lot of energy, it’s time for a new system. Here are some tips for how to prepare for heater installation in Pittsburgh, PA.

Get Professional Help

Don’t try to purchase a new system without professional help. Contact HVAC pros to help you choose the right system for your budget and your home’s square footage. Purchasing a too-small system can end up costing you a fortune on your monthly utility bills, while purchasing a too-big system can waste money, too. HVAC pros know to help you purchase the right system for your home that’s an even more perfect fit than Goldilock’s bed.

Clear Your Schedule

On installation day, make sure you’re home and available to the installers. They might have questions or might have to leave the house for a while to get tools or more materials from the shop. It takes anywhere from four to eight hours for heater installation, so it’s a good idea to clear your schedule for the entire day.

Prepare Your Home

You also want to make sure your home is prepared for the installers’ arrival. Clear away any obstacles that could prevent the installers from hauling the new system in and the old one out.

If you’re ready to upgrade your heating equipment, make sure to choose the best heater installation in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact Sullivan Super Service, a locally owned HVAC company.

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