Hiring a Restaurant Designer in Orange County


It can happen to anyone, but new restaurant owners are particularly vulnerable to mistakes in construction. During the building and design of your new restaurant, there are many things which can be overlooked-; but those oversights can be avoided if you have a good Restaurant Designer in Orange County. Below, we list some of the most common mistakes made during restaurant construction.

Underestimating the Cost
There’s no avoiding it-;building a restaurant is expensive. Even if you take over an existing space, you may not save that much. To build from the ground up, expect to pay about $150/sq. ft., and more depending on the level of finish and the scope of the job.

Asking for Permission After the Fact
Building and health codes are becoming ever more strict, and inspectors are growing wise to the various tricks played by contractors. Before building anything, Orchid Construction and Facility Services will get the necessary permits-;after all, it’s not always easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Overestimating the Timeline
Most contractors will say almost anything to gain your business, but even the best plans can fall victim to inclement weather, human error and inspection delays. Whatever completion timeline your contractor gives you, double it to be on the safe side.

Buying Used Equipment
When you’re building a restaurant, buying used equipment isn’t the best move. Equipment dealers love to see new developers with pockets full of money. Buying used won’t save you that much money, and used equipment doesn’t come with a warranty or a refund clause.

Building More than you Need
The average restaurant is shrinking, and the expense involved in building, operating, filling and staffing large buildings is very high. Work with as small a space as possible, and you’ll get a cozy, intimate feeling.

Building the “Just Right” Bar
The size of your restaurant’s bar should depend on your liquor program and your overall concept. A six-seat bar might be ideal, as could a forty-seat behemoth. When sizing your bar, take the time to assess your needs and your staffing.

Too Many TVs
Unless you’re building a sports pub, you don’t really need multiple television sets. Society is rather overstimulated, and the Restaurant Designer at Orchid Construction will strive to make your restaurant a refuge from the constant electronic bombardment.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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