Hiring A Real Estate Attorney In San Diego To Protect Your Interests In A Closing


A Real Estate Attorney in San Diego protects your interests during a real estate closing. During a closing, your attorney reviews all of the documents presented to include the title deed and the mortgage contract. The attorney ensures that the lender and seller have fully disclosed all vital information related to the property to you. This includes any defects that were not discovered during the inspection. The lending documents must include the exact terms of the mortgage and ensure fairness in lending. To discuss these matters with an attorney contact Kaloogian and Fuselier.

Protecting Your Interests In A Closing

Your attorney can help you within a property closing by reviewing the required documentation. These documents present you with proof of legal ownership by the seller. This ensures that the seller is the rightful owner and has the right to sell the property. It also prevents future difficulties when you acquire a legal deed to the property, after you fulfill your obligations to your mortgage lender. Your attorney additionally ensures that the mortgage lender discloses full details of the mortgage contract.

Real Estate Lawyer

Kaloogian and Fuselier provide you with effective legal representation throughout matters that concern real estate. This includes assistance throughout closings as well as litigation cases in which a contractor has performed faulty work. These attorneys help you through the litigation process to ensure that you are compensation for these flaws and that the contractor repairs them effectively. To hire an attorney within this law office to assist you with real estate matters, contact Kaloogian and Fuselier or visit their website at Civilitigation.biz for further information.


A Real Estate Attorney in San Diego provides you with assistance throughout closings and other areas in which these services are necessary. Your attorney can help you by protecting your interests and preventing the potential for predatory lending practices. This is why it is essential for a real estate attorney to review the mortgage documents during a closing. They also ensure that any insurance requirements are addressed. If you require a real estate attorney, contact the Law Offices of Kaloogian and Fuselier.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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