Hiring A Criminal Lawyer In Essex To Represent You

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Lawyers

12897482_lFacing a criminal charge presents several difficulties, which require you to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Essex. A lawyer within this field comprehends criminal law and can provide guidance within a frightening situation. He or she can instruct you in regard to how to cope with negative media coverage and potential harassment during the course of your trial. Your preferred lawyer can also help you to maintain your public image while you fight for your freedom.

Comprehending Your Charge

Your selected Criminal Lawyer in Essex can explain the details of your charge. This includes the exact definition of what it involves and the potential sentence in which you may receive if convicted. He or she will explain how this charge will affect your life and how others will treat you after your trial. Your lawyer will explain your rights in terms of this law field and how these laws may work in your favor.

Identifying Reasonable Doubt

In criminal cases, it is important that your lawyer presents the probability of reasonable doubt to the jury. In fact, reasonable doubt is the primary grounds for dismissal of charges. These grounds are most favorable within high classified felonies such as murder and drug distribution. Without the presentation of doubt, it is possible for the jury to convict you based solely on circumstantial evidence.

Plead Bargains

In cases where a defendant is guilty and comprehends the level of evidentiary support that is stacked against him or her, he or she should consider any plead bargains that are presented by the prosecution. These bargains may allow him or her to receive a lowered sentence. In some instances, the prosecution is offering a conviction of a lesser charge. These bargains are offered in most cases when the defendant may face the death penalty or life in prison if he or she chooses to stand trial.

Your attorney will discuss any plead bargains that are presented with you to ensure that you comprehend exactly what they mean. He or she will ensure that you understand the proposed sentence, and that you comprehend whether or not parole is an option. Your attorney will look out for your interests when discussing any matters with the prosecution.

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