High Security Safes Staten Island Companies and Their Products

by | Mar 1, 2012 | Business

While having a security alarm and system in place can give some homeowners or renters piece of mind in the Staten Island area, many feel as though they need additional protection. High Security Safes are perfect for storing your valuable and/or sentimental items in order to protect them from burglars and even fire.

Why is it Important to Know the Weight and Dimensions of a High Security Safe?
Buyers should consider a few things before purchasing a high security safe. One of the major considerations should be the capacity or size of the high security safe. You should have an idea of what belongings you want to store in your safe and get the dimensions of all those belongings.

After you have the dimensions of the items you wish to store you should consider buying a safe that offers 25 percent more capacity in its interior in case you need to add additional items in the future or you forgot to add any items to your initial measurements.

Knowing where you’ll need to place your safe is another consideration you must make. The reasoning behind this is to make sure you have both enough space for the safe and also that the safe can be transported to that space.

Knowing the safe’s dimensions beforehand are important, but then knowing the dimensions of doors and the weight capacity of floors and stairs beforehand is necessary. You want to make sure that the safe doesn’t get stuck en route to its placement and that the floor and stairs are able to hold the weight of your high security safe.

What Should You Consider In Addition to Dimensions?
Knowing the dimensions and weight of the safe is important for both storage purposes and weight capacity of the placement, but there are also additional factors to consider. How much protection you need or want is also important when considering a high security safe.

What type of protection you need in a safe depends on the items you plan on placing in the safe. Most high security safes are built to specifically meet fixed standards for both burglary and fire resistance.

For those looking for a combination of fire and burglary safety there are those high security safes that are burglary safe and that are made of composite materials or fire resistive inserts.

How Much of a Factor is Price in a High Security Safe?
Price is a big factor in what type of safe you get. Those safe’s that are more expensive tend to be made of better materials and can resist burglars and fire much more efficiently. For all intensive purposes you should really view buying a safe as an investment and in this case you do get what you pay for.

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