Have You Heart Of The Latest In NYC Condos With Hotel Services?

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Real Estate

There is a real trend in the condo industry that has got people talking. It is a revival of an older style of caring for residences with true VIP services each and every day of the year. New York City seems to be at the heart of this service revival offering some of the best examples of this new trend. NYC condos with hotel services are a hot commodity and one that is definitely changing the way that condo residents are viewing their buildings.

Understanding the Concept

You know the experience that you have when you stay at a true 5 star hotel that has guest satisfaction as their most important job. You are greeted by name, you have access to world class chefs and cuisine by simply calling in and order and having it delivered to your room, as well as housecleaning services, a dedicated concierge and all the features that a hotel offers at your beck and call.

The concept of NYC condos with hotel services is exactly the same. You have the option to access the full 5 star hotel experience with the benefit of owning your own residence. These services are available round the clock or on extended hours to meet your needs. They are also included in the cost of the condo and the condo fee, which means you won’t be stuck with that huge bill at the end of the day as you do with a hotel.

Services and Features

The top NYC condos with hotel services offer a wide range of all basic services from room service to condo cleaning, valet parking to dry cleaning and laundry services as well as car services with a dial of the phone. Many other NYC condos with hotel services offer addition features such as spas on the property, state of the art fitness centers with in-house trainers, bars and top restaurants in the building as well as access to a variety of business and entertainment features.

Another key aspect of the top NYC condos with hotel services is that they can customize all the services to meet your schedule and your needs. Everything can be done and waiting for you when you get home or at your convenience for truly luxurious living.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about NYC condos with hotel services. To view our property visit us online at www.baccaratresidencesny.com.

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