Have A More Comfortable Orlando Diagnostic Imaging Experience With Open MRI


Magnetic resonance imaging, often called MRI, is a technology that now frequently used for the purpose of diagnosing injury and diseases in the soft tissues of the body. It uses complex equipment that some patients find difficult to deal with because it requires them to stay still in a very confined space. Open MRI equipment makes the process of getting an MRI a less stressful experience.

What Is An Open MRI?

An open magnetic resonance imaging machine has a bed with magnets on the top and bottom, with open sides that allow greater visual access to the room around the machine. It does not possess the “enclosed” tube-like quality that is a normal feature of traditional MRI equipment.

Advantages of An Open MRI

Heavy-set individuals often find the confined space inside of traditional MRI machines make them feel uncomfortable and may impede the imaging process. Open MRI allows the affected body parts to be placed more efficiently for better results. Even thin people who are claustrophobic may find the MRI experience distressing. The open MRI equipment allows them to stay in visual contact with the exterior environment for less stress and greater comfort. Children often find the enclosed tube of the traditional MRI machine to be frightening, so open MRI avoids this distress and allows better diagnostic results.

Testing for health problems can be a stressful experience. If you dislike the feeling of MRI tests that confine you to a narrow tube for a period of time, an open MRI might be the better choice for your needs. When you need Orlando diagnostic imaging services, contact Open MRI Orlando to have your testing done without the claustrophobic discomfort of traditional MRI equipment.

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