Getting The Most From Water Management in Watsonville

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Landscaping

Non-municipal water management is a very specialized industry. For apartments, condo developments, manufactured home parks, retail complexes, and even industrial facilities, having the ability to meter each unit individually provides several advantages for both tenants as well as property owners.

By working with a company offering full water management in Watsonville, property owners can offer the advantage of individual billing based on usage, rather than a complex formula that is often not easy to determine. This can be a critical factor in both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring that only the water used in the unit will be billed. Additionally, with the use of submeters, renters and tenants can more effectively budget and implement water saving processes, which is a positive incentive for the environment.

What to Consider

Most water management in Watsonville specializing in these systems will offer basic features. This will include the installation of the submeters and often some form of a billing and account management system.

The top companies offering these services offer a host of different features. These can include the choice of several different water meters that can be selected based on the specific application and metering needs. Smart metering is also an option, providing a streamlined management system.

Their billing and payment systems are online, allowing for full automation that is ideal for both the landlord as well as the tenants. Bills arrive online, and payments are made through a secure website, helping to eliminate late issues that can be problematic.

Landlords or property owners can also view water usage and reports in real time from any device with internet access. Through a secure login portal, they can evaluate water use, detect any unusual activity and even detect leaks or pipe breaks quickly and before they become a significant problem. For more information visit K & D Landscaping, Inc.

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