Getting The Best Out Of Your Trade Show Displays In NYC

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Business

Trade shows, they can be the bane or the greatest pleasure in many a business man’s working life. A problem (or the joy) in business today is that there are just so many trade shows – for any particular trade or industry, it is probably possible for them to attend a relevant trade show at least once every week.

Bearing in mind that the aim of appearing at any trade show is to increase sales and profits; is the full cost of appearing actually covered by the sales generated? To stand any chance of being productive, you must ensure that the maximum number of people stop by your booth at whatever show you are appearing at. In New York, or any place else, it is vital that the quality and appearance of your Trade Show Displays In NYC make visitors to that show stop by your booth and view your products. If this does not happen, your investment in participation fees and display materials will go to waste and your attending staff will, effectively, be on a nice junket at your expense.

If you are a major corporation, then your organization will have trade show specialists within the sales and marketing department but, many businesses cannot justify such staffing expenditure – who do they turn to when wanting to ensure the success of their Trade Show Displays In NYC? Assuming you have paid for a good location at the show and that your sales personnel manning the booth are spot on at their jobs; the key must lie in the display that you show to the visiting potential customers.

Let us assume that your product may well be essential to keep many major industries functioning but, in its own right, it is a somewhat insignificant component part whose not very attractive appearance could even be said to be boring. Your existing customers passing by a display of your products would recognise them and might find time to step onto your booth to say hello – and see if you have any nice “give-aways”! There’s not much profit in that. You need to attract the visitors who do not know you already.

Attractive, well designed signage for your name, logo, product photos, etc can catch the eyes of weary passersby who, otherwise, might not have noticed you at all.

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