Getting Cash for Your Gold in White Plains, NY Could Help You Go on a Cruise

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Jewelry

Old, broken or unwanted gold jewelry can be a hidden treasure in your home. An investigation of your jewelry box, might reveal the jack-pot waiting to be discovered. An old money clip, your dad’s gold chunk tie tack or the wedding band from a previous marriage can be turned into cash. The money from trading it in can be used to purchase the watch you have admired or send you on a cruise. Getting the most trustworthy evaluation and top price for these unwanted items is important. If you need cash, are cleaning out your jewelry box or want something new, consider trading in your gold.

During a tough economy, it can be hard to come by extra money. The solution to your troubles could be right under your nose. Take a look inside that old jewelry box, or the trunk from a long passed relative in the attic. You may have overlooked inherited gold items because they were unappealing when you received them. Did you hang onto broken pieces meaning to fix them some day, and that day was 10 years ago? Jewelry that is never worn anymore takes up space and collects dust. You can turn it in and get Cash For Gold in White Plains, NY

The price of gold has continued to rise over the years, increasing the value of the items left forgotten in your jewelry box or attic. Going through the contents can be a trip down memory lane. Some of those memories can be a hidden gold treasure that is waiting to be turned into dollar bills. It does not matter if the items are outdated, broken or simply unwanted, you can get Cash For Gold in White Plains, NY.

Once you have gone through your items and have collected them, the next step is finding a reputable jeweler to walk you through the process. Visit to receive honest information and instruction. The experienced jewelers at Michael Matthew Jewelers are qualified and well trained.

Whether you are cleaning out the clutter during your spring cleaning or are in need of extra money, your unwanted gold can be an unexpected windfall. Take time to look through your jewelry box and attic today. You just might be surprised by what you find.

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