Get Your Apartment in Norman Organized With a Few Simple Tips

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Student Housing Center

While living in your own apartment, organization should be a priority. However, you might not know how to stay organized or might not have the proper tools. Here are a few ideas to consider that can make everything from getting assignments completed to keeping everything in its own space a bit easier.


If you like to stay cozy, then you probably have quite a few blankets. Instead of keeping them on your bed, on your couch or packed in your closet, consider getting bins if you live in student apartments in Norman, OK. These bins can be decorative and made of wood or metal to blend with the other decorations in your apartment. You could also get a ladder to display your blankets.

White Boards

Whether you live with roommates in one of the student apartments in Norman, OK or you live on your own, whiteboards can be beneficial. You can list chores for everyone to do, a grocery list, or assignments. Color-code the boards so that you keep all of your tasks organized. Make sure there are markers available as well as a schedule so that everyone in your home knows about classes or special events.

Cabinet Doors

Utilize the space inside your cabinet doors for storage. There are hanging baskets that you can purchase that can hold everything from sponges and cleaning supplies in the kitchen to toiletries in the bathroom. This will keep items off of cabinets and countertops and in areas where guests won’t be able to see everything.

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