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Most people who love Bollywood films will do one thing before they pay money to go to the cinema…they will read up on the latest Bollywood movie reviews. Both critics and moviegoers love putting their reviews online and people who are going to see these films generally love to read them. You can easily find many of the latest Bollywood movies reviews right online for your convenience including the following reviews of upcoming films:

One by Two

The film One by Two was released on 31 January. It features real like couple as its stars, Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai. The film is a romantic comedy and was directed by Devika Bhagat. This is a movie about two people who were destined by the universe to be together and how lost in a sea of millions of people in Mumbai, fate has a way of getting things done. Reviews for the film are quite positive and it has been described as ‘irresistible’ and ‘never disappointing’. This seems like a great film to take in if looking for a feel good romantic comedy.


Another new film that was released at the end of January is Jai-Ho. Moviegoers certainly want to see this film thanks to Salman Khan being the star. They are also interested in seeing the work of Bollywood newcomer Daisy Shah. Tabu is also in this film and it was directed and produced by Sohail Khan. So what do critics have to say about the film? Right now, reviews are certainly mixed between average and slightly above average. One critic mentions that this is a film that only SK fans will like, where another says this is one of his better films, a movie that many will enjoy.

Paranthe Wali Gali

The film Paranthe Wali Gali was also just released. Out of all the movies released in the past few weeks, this one seems to have fallen short based on critic and moviegoer reviews. The film stars Anuj Saxena and Neha Pawar and was directed and produced by Sachin Gupta. This is a romantic comedy that certainly has some good moments, but overall, the film has rated as average or below average based on the latest reviews. You may want to wait to see this one at a later time and save your theatre money for another film.

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