Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Computer And Internet

A lot of people don’t particularly like the idea of having to share the same server at a hosting company with other users. They don’t want to worry about what someone else might be doing at any given time and how it could affect their site, and they don’t want the limitations that being on a shared server brings. What often keeps them with that arrangement is the fear of how much it will cost to get a dedicated system. With HostingZoom, you can escape from this dilemma by signing up for one of their cheap dedicated server hosting plans.

The company offers server options that are suitable for businesses at a variety of sizes. You can choose among various specs depending on the kind of processing power, RAM, and hard drive space you want to have available, as well as how much you are willing to pay for what you get. It’s also very easy to get started, because they don’t charge you the kind of substantial setup fee that makes it difficult to even think about giving this style of hosting a chance at many other companies.

Along with your plan, you’ll get a wide variety of benefits. Managed services included ongoing upgrades to your kernel and operating system to ensure that everything is properly patched at all times. The network includes data center facilities in locations as far apart as Dallas and the UK, with a variety of choices in between. That way, you can get the speed and convenience advantage of using a server location that is relatively close to your physical location. You can also arrange for additional options like full daily backups that will protect you from unfortunate surprises and let you roll back to an earlier version of your setup if something goes wrong.

Don’t just assume that you can’t possibly afford to hire a dedicated server. Once you get a look at the plans available and how much they include, you’ll see that it’s a choice that can make a lot of sense for a growing company that wants to make the most of its Internet presence.


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