Funeral Homes in Forest Hill: Honoring The Departed


When the tragedy of losing a loved one occurs, the world becomes one big ball of confusion. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop turning when we incur a loss. The world keeps turning and we must survive and keep right along with it as we cope with our greatest loss. It is not easy to do and the process of honoring a loved one can be an ordeal as we try to make sense of everything that is happening. Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services will greet you with compassion and understanding as they guide you through the process of making final arrangements for the departed. Kindness and sensitivity are a welcoming touch at this hard time in your life. It is never easy to go through the arrangements of saying goodbye to a loved one but it can be made a bit easier with a little help from funeral homes in Forest Hill.

Final arrangements can prove to be extremely costly and a traditional funeral can cost up to ten thousand dollars or more. Many loved ones specify that they do not want their passing to be a financial burden on their loved ones so they opt for cremation services. Many families choose cremation services over traditional burial because it is more cost efficient but also because it is a more seamless method to honor the departed. Some find it easier to cope with the loss, choosing the cremation process because of its straight forward approach and time efficient properties so that they can get on with the healing. Healing is an important process for those left behind and cremation allows them to focus on that rather than the traditional burial method and funeral arrangement.

When considering cremation like that offered at Funeral Homes in Forest Hill, rest assured that the final arrangements will be respectful and dignified. Cremations are usually well under one thousand dollars and an urn is accompanied with the remains. We are never prepared for devastating losses but in life they are inevitable. Allow others to help you through this time and welcome healing as the heart must go on.

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