Frequently Asked Questions And The Answers About Septic Services In Port Orchard WA

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Rural homeowners rely on their septic systems to properly perform at all times. When a septic system fails to work as it should, it can cause added expenses for a homeowner. If your septic system needs any type of repair, don’t delay in contacting a company that specializes in Septic Services in Port Orchard WA. To learn about common septic system problems and repairs, read these frequently asked questions and answers.

Q.) What causes the leach field to become overly saturated and smell like sewage?

A.) Homeowners who have a soggy and odorous leach field may need to have their septic tank pumped out by a professional company that provides Septic Services in Port Orchard WA. When the tank overflows, the waste water leaks into the ground and quickly saturates the soil. If the septic tank has recently been pumped out, there may be a broken pipe in the sewer line that’s causing the wetness in the leach field.

Q.) What kind of damage can occur due to tree roots in the sewer line?

A.) Once tree roots enter the sewer line through a crack in the pipe, they can cause major damage to the septic system. As the tree root continues to grow, it forms a large cluster of roots inside the sewer pipe. This tough obstruction can cause the sewer pipes to clog and waste water will eventually back up into the drains in the home.

Q.) What types of preventative maintenance can a homeowner do to help prevent sewer problems?

A.) Homeowners and family members should not flush any objects down the stool except for toilet tissue. Household members should reduce the amount of water that’s continually used in the home. To make sure the sewer system runs properly at all times, a company that provides septic services in Port Orchard WA should be contacted for regular septic system maintenance at least once a year to make sure their are no problems with the system.

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