Finding The Right Animal Clinic in Honolulu For Your Best Friend

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Healthcare

Few things enhance our lives quite like the love of an animal. While we may not speak the same language, there is no denying the unconditional love and loyalty our animal companions bring into our lives. From traditional cats and dogs to more exotic animals such as birds, reptiles and smaller mammals such as guinea pigs, part of our obligations as pet owners is to provide them with the very best care possible. Just as we do, our animals benefit from regular medical care. Annual checkups, routine vaccinations and preventative care can not only extend the number of years our pets live, but also improve the quality of those years.

Choosing an Animal Clinic in Honolulu can be a very personal decision. Taking the time to research options in your area for a veterinarian who offers convenient hours of operation and key services you and your pets may need, such as dental care or advanced surgical procedures and even dietary guidance, can help match your furry family members to the best doctor for their needs. Many clinics offer all encompassing wellness plans that include annual exams and vaccinations as well as a yearly teeth cleaning. While brushing Fluffy’s teeth may seem silly, taking proper care of a dog’s teeth and gums is just as important as caring for your own, and neglecting oral health can lead to some serious health issues down the line.

Many an animal clinic Honolulu has the privilege of seeing a family pet through all stages of its life. As young creatures, their first few months are not unlike those of a human infant. Through a series of pediatric-type visits, growth is measured and vaccinations are administered to build immunity to otherwise potentially fatal illnesses. As many animals near sexual maturity, the responsible choice is made to elect to have them sterilized under the watchful care of their veterinarian. Not only does sterilization lessen the risk for behavioral problems, it also drastically cuts down the risk of certain types of cancer. As time passes, the same family pets are seen by their trusted veterinarian to ease the aches and pains of their twilight years, often through the use of supplements that help lessen the strains of an aging body. Through all phases of life, our animal friends have a friend in their veterinarian.

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