Finding Affordable and Convenient Parking Options in Chicago, IL


One major reason why some people don’t like driving downtown in big cities is for the parking situation. Parking lots can be hard to find for some parkers, especially for finding suitable parking nearby their destination. And of course, the cost of parking can be rather prohibitive for some budget-conscious drivers.

One company has a good grip on parking in Chicago. They are a nationwide company that has an easy-to-use, comprehensive website that walks users through the parking in Chicago process.

Drivers simply input the city they’re going to be looking for parking in. They can even make their search quicker by inputting a specific address within the city, and in a split second, they will get results. For example, in Chicago, if one wants to find parking by Wrigley Field, they simply have to enter “Wrigley Field” in the location bar. A map will pop up, indicating several different parking locations, and their prices, within proximity to the field.

The driver, after clicking on a parking location, will find the parking lot’s address, hours of operation, and relevant information such as whether it’s a covered lot, handicapped accessibility if mobile pass is accepted if it’s self-park, and Things You Should Know (ex., height restrictions).

Drivers can elect to look into hourly or monthly rates in one tab. Another tab allows drivers to view locations “nearby” and “cheapest”. Ultimately, they can book a spot for specific periods on a specific date, and will know exactly what their fee will be for parking in Chicago.

ParkChirp features all these convenient options, and more, on their website.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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