Filtered Water for Finer Drinking


Drinking water is necessary for life. A human being can go without food for upwards of a month, but living without water for more than a week is impossible. Doctors, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals encourage patients to drink more water, as very few adults get the recommended amount daily.

One of the reasons that so few people drink an adequate amount of water is because they dislike the way their local tap water tastes. Another factor is the cost of bottled water. One solution to this two-sided problem is a compromise of quality and affordability – home-purified water, run through tank water filter systems.

Filter Facts

A water filtration system is typically a combination of mechanical parts and chemical additives that work together to remove impurities in water, as well as enhance its taste and mouth feel for consumers. They are used in multiple applications, such as refrigerator ice and water dispensers, drinking water dispensers and other home and office devices. Retailers who specialize in selling these items typically offer full units, replacement parts such as filters and tubing, chemical supplies and other components.

What’s in the Water?

The concerns that people have about the contents of their water typically come from a combination of substances affecting flavor and feel of the water while drinking, as well as fears of what hazardous substances might lurk in their water. While a low level of many chemicals and microorganisms is not only safe but typical – such as microscopic metals, chlorine and calcium and other materials – consumers do not want harmful bacteria in their drinking water. Tank water filter systems are designed to not only remove this potentially dangerous matter, but to improve overall quality and drinkability of water by adding minerals that enhance these aspects.

Water filters are just one way that people are getting more peace of mind about the water they drink, and – hopefully – getting more of it into their bodies.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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