Features of Modern EHR Software for Behavioral Health Clinics


Running a busy clinic such as a mental health facility is challenging enough on its without needing to worry about outdated EHR software. Fortunately, modern EHR software systems are available to make your work day easier and increase your productivity. Read on to learn some of the unique features that current leading solutions have to offer.

Customizable Templates

One feature of modern behavioral health practice management software is customizeable templates. This option makes it easier than ever before to make professional and highly individualized templates for use on documents and other things. It also makes charting and graphing a breeze for your clinic.

Electronic Prescriptions

Another feature of newer behavioral health practice management software is the ability to update and change your client’s prescription with ease. The process is simplified and easier to verify as well. Your employees and clients alike will appreciate this upgrade.

Better Records

Modern EHR management software makes record keeping efficient and can also reduce the risk for errors. It also offers increased privacy protection against potential threats. With an upgraded software system, you can quickly access client files and make changes as well as create task notes to remind you of important things such as follow ups and upcoming appointments.

Switching to a new EHR software system is a step in the right direction for any clinic currently relying on old, outdated options. AZZLY is proud to offer industry leading software solutions and services that are designed with your clinic’s needs in mind.
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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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