Exterior Styles—House Painters in Chatham


It is common to change the color of the paint inside of your home, but have you considered painting the exterior to liven up the space? There are many qualified house painters in Chatham, all capable of increasing the curb appeal of your dwelling. This can be just the right renovation project you need to spruce up where you live.

Textures and Styles

Depending on what your home is made of, this is going to determine the type of paint job it needs. Texture can change the way your home looks, and it can be added or taken away. Aside from this, colors and stains are also going to provide a huge transformation. You can even combine these two factors for a noticeable change.

Professional Services

As you begin calling house painters in Chatham, make sure to ask for references. These testimonials will show you a lot about the company and how they are with their customer service. It is important you hire painters that are experienced and trusted by other people in the area. This is how you know you will be happy with your own project.

Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging is a great company that is reputable and located in the Chatham area. As you start gathering more ideas for how you would like your home to look, you can begin getting quotes and eventually schedule a project date. The transformation will give you a boost of confidence each time you pull into the driveway.

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