Everything You Need to Know about Hammer Milling Technology

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Pump Manufacturers

Hammer mills are high-precision devices that can grind solid and hard granules. They can reduce the size of the particles through their moving hammers. Their material sometimes can be fed into the chamber of the mill via a feed chute. Go through this article to learn everything about hammer milling technology.

Types of Hammers

Hammer milling technology has provided the manufacturers with two types of hammers- hard hammers and soft hammers.

Hard Hammers

These hammers are blunt, and they can affect the materials having a plain surface for smashing the particles. This smashing may lead to a larger size of the particles.

Soft Hammers

Soft hammers have sharp and knife-like edges with which you can cut particles. They are not as effective at cutting particles as hard hammers.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Millers

What is the particle size you are looking for?

• What starting particle size do you need?
• Do you need friable material?
• Do you want to avoid materials, which are sensitive to heat?
• Which temperature do you need during the milling?
• Is the material you have chosen is abrasive?

In order to determine whether a material is good for hammering or not, you can perform some basic tests. First of all, you need to hit the material with a hammer and notice what happens. If it completely shatters, you can consider the material suitable for hammer milling technology. If you find it stick together in a mass, you should avoid the material.

Consider all the facts discussed above before buying and using a hammer mill.

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