Even Surfers in Huntington Beach Can Benefit From Regular Visits to the Dentist


For most people, Huntington Beach is a place to visit while they check out the many tourist attractions of Southern California. People visiting Huntington Beach might be under the impression that life in Huntington Beach is all about sand, surf, and Disneyland, but it’s important to remember that many people actually call Huntington Beach home, too. Residents live here and require the services and amenities of everyday life. That means that residents of Huntington Beach need a dentist.

It is always important to find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and who puts you at ease, because this will substantially decrease the stress and anxiety you might have about your appointment. It’s also useful to know what to expect when you go to the dentist.

When you arrive at the dentist office, you will likely be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire and to provide any insurance information you might have. Go a little early to ensure you have time to fill out this paperwork, and that you can consult with the receptionist if need be. You wouldn’t want to leave out any important allergies to medications, for example, just because you were running late!

The dentist or a dental hygienist will likely take some x-rays of your teeth. These will be examined by the dentist to see if there are any structural problems with your teeth, or if there are any problems lingering below the surface of your gums. They will also give your a teeth a good, thorough cleaning with specialized equipment. This usually involves an electric brush, some scraping away of calcium or tartar, and flossing.

The actual exam itself will likely feel a bit like poking and prodding to you, the patient. Using a small mirror, a light, and a metal sickle probe, the dentist will tap on your teeth and your gums in order to determine if there are any weaknesses, infections, or cavities. The dentist will then discuss his or her findings with you, and you can ask questions about what kind of treatments you might need or any general questions you might have about your dental regimen at home. If you’re lucky, you’ll be told you have a clean bill of health and will be sent on your way with a brand new toothbrush and instructions to make an appointment for a regular check-up in the future.

If you’re in Huntington Beach, California, and you need a dentist, you can’t do better than Annika Logard, Doctor of Dental Surgery. Annika performs general dental exams, as well as cosmetic dental procedures. Contact her office today to schedule an exam.

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