Equipment Failure the Number One Cause of Accidents in the U.S.

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Insurance

Not all car accidents can be avoided but by simply taking regular steps to ensure your car is in the best possible condition can help you react better when an emergency situation arises. The fees for Auto Insurance Traverse City, MI drivers pay as well as the rate of injuries and deaths that occur each year could both be lowered with a little TLC for your vehicle.

The Most Common Issues
There are three issues that are most common for equipment failure during a car accident:

  • Under inflated or worn and uneven tires
  • Brake failure
  • Suspension and steering failure

Each of these issues can be avoided with regular maintenance checks, protect what matters most to you with Auto Insurance Traverse City, MI. Speaking to your mechanic can help you decide how often you require maintenance checks and if you are strapped for cash you can at least look into some of the more dangerous issues such as alignment and brakes at least every 15,000 miles or so to be safe.

Tire Tips
To avoid under inflation you can check your tire pressure weekly or monthly to make sure they are safe. Air is an easy enough thing to add to your tires and keeping a tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment can help. If you are uncertain you can check in monthly with your mechanic. Be certain not to add too much air as this can lead to blow outs. Worn and uneven tires can be dangerous during a sudden stop, especially at high speeds. Having checks every 5,000 miles or so for alignment, suspension and balance is advised.

Brake Tips
Newer models of vehicles have many safety features built in to their brakes. However if your car has a drum braking system you really want to check them at least annually as if drum braking systems over heat you are at risk of brake failure due to fading. Also changing your brake fluid in general every six years or so will help keep them working well.

Suspension and Steering Tips
You should have your steering and suspension checked every 10-15,000 miles so you are able to respond effectively when something appears unexpectedly in your path.

Trying to adhere to a regular car maintenance schedule will keep your car safer on the road.

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