Enjoying How Empty the Nest Is? You Can Keep it De-Cluttered in the Summer, Too


Many couples in Eustis, FL are amazed at how quickly they adjust to the empty nest when the youngest of their children leaves for UCF in Orlando. The parents no longer find pizza crusts under beds or globs of toothpaste in the sink. They have room in the garage for their cars now that all of the sporting equipment has gone off to college, too. And they’ve managed to turn that extra bedroom into an office. They’ve discovered that they actually like how empty their empty nest has become.

And then, the spring semester ends and the youngest moves out of the dorm and comes home to work for the summer. It’s not that the parents don’t want him there, they love having him back home again. They just didn’t remember him having so much stuff. And they certainly don’t have any idea where they’re going to find space for it now.

At moments like this, it’s nice to know that there are self storage units available in Eustis. Self storage provides a quick and easy solution to the problem of too much stuff and not enough available space. A lot of what was brought home for the summer isn’t going to be used for the next three months anyway, so why give up parking in the garage just so that unused items can be stored in there? Plus, since most self storage facilities in Eustis, FL are monitored 24-7, the property is probably a lot safer in storage than it was in the dorm. And if it should turn out that the blossoming scholar does need something out of the self storage unit, most facilities have 24-hour access.

You might even find that this self storage situation works so well you’ll want to start storing some of your own seldom used items in the unit, too. Camping equipment that only gets used a few times a year could easily be taken to self storage, freeing up valuable space in your shed. Christmas decorations that are clogging the entry to the attic can be taken to storage until December. And the skis that keep falling over in the hall closet, those definitely need to be in self storage.

A man’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes, and while it may not really be a castle, your empty nest has become your own again and you’re not ready to cede any gains that you’ve made over this past year. With the convenience of safe, clean, and affordable self storage in Eustis, FL, you don’t have to. You can enjoy all the benefits of having your student at home (remember, he did a great job of mowing the lawn) without having all of his stuff underfoot. Plus, when he is ready to return to school, there won’t be any craziness in trying to get all of his stuff packed back up. All of his dorm belongings will be together in the self storage unit, a fact that will save frustration for everyone concerned.


Self Storage Eustis, FL If your empty nest is still a bit crowded, self storage in Eustis, FL is a great solution. Pak It Inn Self Storage Facilities employ 24-hour surveillance cameras and computerized gate access to keep premises secure.

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