Electrical Tape Protects Ontario, CA, Electricians and Homeowners from Shock


Electrical tape belongs in your toolbox if you commonly repair or install electrical equipment. Electrical tape serves two important purposes. First, it can prevent an electrical current from mistakenly passing to another wire. And second, electrical tape can prevent shocks should someone happen to touch a live wire by mistake.

Out of all the electrical supplies in Ontario, CA, electricians and homeowners can purchase, electrical tape is among the most useful.

Applying Electrical Tape
Electrical tape is applied to a wire by wrapping the tape around the wire. You can also apply the tape along the length of the wire. It’s important to make sure they’re no gaps and the wire is completely covered with the tape. Closing all gaps assures that condensation and moisture won’t affect the wire.

Pull the tape to tighten it as you’re wrapping. The elastic property of electrical tape makes it easy to mold. When snugly wrapped, electrical tape will fit tight and securely around the wire. However, stretching the tape too tightly will diminish its usefulness.

On the other hand, electrical tape is durable. You can wrap it multiple times around more than one object and it’s highly unlikely to break. Electrical tape can also stand up to many types of corrosive acids.

When correctly used, electrical tape can increase safety when dealing with electricity and certain repair and installation projects. It also comes in various colors. And that allows you to use a color-code system to indicate what each wire does.

For all types of electrical supplies in Ontario, CA, electricians and homeowners can count on McFadden-Dale Hardware.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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