Effective Methods to Install Hardwood Flooring in Gilbert, AZ


Hardwood flooring is one of the most beneficial additions you can make to the interior of your home. Along with having a timeless beauty, hardwood floors instantly increase the perceived and resale values of your home. While hardwood flooring is not cheap to buy and install, you can save a sizable chunk of the associated costs by performing the installation yourself. To benefit from this idea, utilize any one of the following effective methods to Install Hardwood Flooring in Gilbert, AZ.

Gluing – Gluing is a common method for installing hardwood flooring installed on top of concrete subflooring. The gluing method is also very reliable for installing hardwood in areas that are prone to excessive moisture levels as it helps to seal the base of each piece of wood, making it more difficult for moisture to penetrate.
Nailing – Nailing down hardwood flooring is a highly economical method that you can use to install flooring to a variety of surfaces such as floorboards, chip wood or floor joists. To carry out the process of nailing down hardwood flooring, you can either do the longstanding method of utilizing a hammer and nails or you can use a pneumatic nail gun to make the job much faster and easier.

Stapling – Stapling hardwood flooring during installation is a popular application method for installation over wood subflooring. The process is almost identical to nailing down hardwood flooring with the only major difference being the use of a pneumatic hardwood stapler instead of nails. An important requirement for laying down hardwood flooring with the stapling method is that the subfloors are as stable and squeak-free as possible before installation.

Locking – The locking method of installing hardwood flooring is a relatively modern approach that offers glueless, nail-free and staple-free installation. Along with being a much faster installation method than the others, locking floor installation systems are neat and clean, eliminating the need to use adhesives and extras like nails, staples and their corresponding equipment. There is also no waiting time for the floor to dry as there is with the gluing method.

Utilize these common methods for installing your own hardwood flooring for beautiful and lasting results. To ensure that you get the most value for your money and guaranteed professional results, be sure to utilize the services of the expert hardwood flooring installers at Red Mountain Carpet and Tile.


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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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